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Very disjointed fan account

I got to go to MR.MR’s showcase today~ I’ll try to write this while I remember clearly. Though even now I’ve already forgotten most of the song order OTL

Ummmmm this was longer than I expected to be able to write so I’ll try to put a read more on it;;

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i know you're busy, so im sorry to bother you. is there an official visual for this group? i feel like the members themselves consider changjae the visual, but their company advertises tey more

Hmm, well, by making Tey the lead in some of their music videos I feel like the company was trying to push Tey as the visual initially. However, since Changjae is Lee Hwi Jae’s nephew and can appear on KBS programs like Dream Team because of his connections, Changjae is probably the most well-known member to the public. So I think the visual title is kind of shifting to Changjae over time.

The thing is…Tey was only the visual initially because he resembles Yoo Ah In and that was a point to get people interested in the group. And now that role is shifting to Changjae because him appearing on Dream Team is another interest point. Also because Yoo Ah In has been getting some negative press lately and connection to him is no longer beneficial.

Sorry this answer was a bit scattered, I hope it was helpful ><

a notice for my followers and MISOs in Korea.

I feel bad for essentially abandoning this blog, but like I mentioned before, I got a new job and it’s actually my first full time job. It takes up a lot of my time, unfortunately. I will continue subbing MR.MR videos when I have time, though obviously I have much less time now.

My new job that I mentioned…is actually in Koreaㅠㅠ So yes, as long as everything works out I’ll be going to the showcaseㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Originally I couldn’t figure out how to pay and the banks are only open when I’m at work :(((( But in the end it wasn’t that hard~ If you are in Korea too and want to go to the showcase but don’t know how to pay, you can contact me for help~ And I’d love to meet up with other foreign MISOs too if you are going to the showcase :)

And finally, please pray for the victims of the ferry disaster in Korea. Their welfare is way more important than any comeback or showcase MR.MR might be having.

I’ll be on hiatus for about a week or so. I’m not sure how long it will actually be, but I’m moving and starting a new job so I need to concentrate on that for a while. haha, it’s really bad timing right now! But there’s no helping that :) Have fun while I’m gone~


[Eng Sub] SHOW KPOP with MR.MR Ep 1 (Fancier Subs ver.)

Ep. 1 is the most viewed episode of all, and it’s kind of ugly compared to the others, so I fixed up the typesetting so that people’s introduction to MR.MR will be prettier~


From MR.MR France:

The project of MR.MR France become an international project, please participate!

MR.MR France may soon have the opportunity to meet MR.MR ! We want give them letters written by misos(in English or Korean).
And we offer them pastries typically French.

Tell us if you participate if you write :
-A letter to the five boys
-To Hon
-Or both

So we can give you the coordinates for sending.

Don’t forget to decorating your letter ^^

If you have any question, sent a private message on Twitter or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/

Please contact MR.MR France if you have any questions at all. I’m not organizing the project, so I won’t be able to answer any of them :)

[Fancafe: From. Hon] Hello

Hello. This is Yoo Seung Jun.

First of all, I apologize for introducing you to unpleasant affairs.
Also through this embarrassing story I’ve caused a lot of worry.
Once again, I want to write and convey my personal apology.

I apologize for causing worry and disappointment through this controversy.
The support of MISOs gave me a lot of strength. Thank you.

Although it’s true that Bitna, who wrote the controversy-causing post, and I have had a close relationship since long ago
I want to definitely convey that the contents of the post, like that I was doing work related to a host bar, that I had a money problem, that a video exists, or that we were lovers, are all false.

Some hours after she wrote the posts while drunk, Bitna called me and said she’d made a mistake.
Since Bitna wrote the post in a personal space, I didn’t think there would be any problem, so I told her not to worry and hung up.
However, that post was captured and slowly spread out to create a controversy.

We had a close relationship to the point where even on the day when Bitna was receiving surgery in order to begin her life as a woman, I was by her side protecting her.
I too understand how upset Bitna must have been when, after I became involved with becoming a singer, I was negligent and rarely contacted her.

To the MISOs who believed in me, worried for me and supported me, I personally said that I wasn’t the person in the post, I thought this was the best plan for the MISOs who believed in me.

I have no thoughts of wanting to sue an old friend.
I also haven’t thought of Bitna saying she ruined my life.
If that post was true, I would be embarrassed, but I haven’t lived my life like that so I’m not.

However, though this incident, I thought that MR.MR’s image was hurt because of me.
So I have decided to withdraw from MR.MR.

Each member of MR.MR is a great friend.
Through this incident I’ve caused a lot of anxiety but more than anyone else they are my friends and family who believed in me.

For the sake of the members, I will withdraw from the MR.MR that has this kind of members who have been covered in scars because of me.

I hope that MR.MR will no longer be hurt because of this incident.

In the future I will sincerely support MR.MR.

Also, I truly love and am thankful to MISOs.

source: Official Fancafe
translation by: efeu@misoandmrmr

[Fancafe] An announcement concerning Hon

This is Winning Insight M.

Our company and the MR.MR members have decided to follow Hon’s decision.

Also, so that Hon can have a fresh start, don’t be spare with your encouragement and support.

We sincerely apologize for causing anxiety and worry to MISOs while coming to a difficult decision. We ask that you please give a lot of support to Hon and the MR.MR members.

source: Official Fancafe
translation by: efeu@misoandmrmr

t/n: This announcement is referencing a post that Hon made in the fancafe where he said he would be leaving the group. I will be translating Hon’s post next.



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